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How to Draw An Endless Knot By Hand

These instructions will help you create an Endless (Eternal) Knot by hand, properly interwoven and with no erasures.

Diagonal Grid Draw a 10x10 grid of points on the diagonal. Omit the four points on the left and right, shown in grey. They will not be needed to create the Endless Knot.
The space between two points on the grid is a segment.

First Lines From the top point, down both diagonals, draw a line of three segments, skip a segment, and draw another line of three segments. Repeat from the bottom point. This forms the outside border of the Endless Knot.
More Lines Starting at the bottom of the lower line on the left, draw a line of four segments going towards the center of the knot. Go in and up one segment, and draw a line of three segments, ending parallel with the first and one segment in from the side. Repeat going clockwise around the Endless Knot on the first end of each line, skipping the two corner lines to the top left and bottom right.
Almost Done From the remaing free ends of the outer lines, starting at the top right, draw a line of two segments, skip a segment, draw a line of four segments, skip a segment, draw a line of one segment. Your Endless Knot is almost finished.
Completed Knot Complete the Endless Knot by finishing the outside squares; two lines of one segment on the top and bottom corners, one line of one segment on the sides.
The resulting knot is already interwoven.
You can make a variety of designs using these directions. Here's some examples available from on apparel and other merchandise. Mystic DragonEternal Knot Eternal Knot