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How to Draw A Circular or Oval Greek Key Border
The following instructions will help you create a
Greek Key Border

Using Adobe Illustrator CS

Layote Directions are for the basic, most widely known Greek Key pattern. If you want to do another pattern, you will need to figure out what repeat it has. Do this by hand on graph paper, or use the rectangle grid tool and remove unneeded lines. (Use  a 1"x5" grid, 3 horizontal dividers, 20 vertical. This should give you enough repeats.) Count the squares from the beginning of one pattern to the beginning of the next. For the T design, this is 6 squares. For the classical design, it's eight squares.

Create a new document, 10" x 10".
Under View, turn on Show Grid, Snap to Grid, Snap to Point.
Polar Grid Select the polar grid tool, under the line tool.
Create a polar grid, 6" x 6", with 24 concentric dividers and 72 radial dividers. (if your repeat is not eight, use a multiple of the repeat for the number of concentric dividers and 3 times this number for the radial dividers.)
Use the transform window to place the center of the grid at x 4", y 4".
Polar Grid, extra circles removed Leave the five outermost circles and remove unneeded circles from the polar grid. This forms the grid for the Greek Key pattern.
You can remove the inner circles later, but removing those toward the outside now makes it easier to see what you are doing.
First Pattern Starting at the top of the grid, carefully erase unneeded lines to leave only the Greek Key pattern you have chosen. The middle line may not be used in creating the pattern. If so, leave it in place until you are done and erase it then. If you erase it as you go, be sure that you no longer need that segment of line before erasing it.
Second Pattern Continue removing lines working from both sides towards the bottom. (If you have made a mistake in calculating the number of radial dividers, you can adjust the pattern at the bottom to correct it.)
finished border Finish classic Greek Key Border.
resized border, oval The border can be scaled and resized to fit whatever you need a border on.
Maze Tree Design Finished design using a T-style Greek Key Border. Click on the design to see how it looks on apparel and other merchandise available from