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How to Draw a Valknut
Using Adobe Illustrator CS

One Triangle Create a new document in Illustrator, 5" x 5".
In the Color Window, set the border to blue and fill to none.
Choose the Polygon Tool, under the Rectangle tool, and click on the workspace. Make a triangle, Radius  2", Sides  3.
Using the Transform Window, place the middle bottom point of the triangle at x 2", y 0.5"

Two Triangles Create a second triangle, Radius 1", Sides 3. Place the middle bottom point of this triangle at x 2", y 1". Select both triangles using the Selection tool and group them (CTRL+G). This forms one of three Valknut triangles.
Three Sets Copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) two more groups. The groups will be on top of each other. Seperate the groups and change the outline on one to red and the other to green.
Aligned Sets Line up the bottom left corner of the outer red triangles with the bottom left corner of  the inner blue triangle. (Use the arrow keys to nudge the triangles into place.) Then line up the bottom right corner of the outer green triangle with the bottom right corner of the inner red triangle. This forms a closed Valknut. You can erase to create the interleaves now or make an open Valkut.
Opened Triangles To open the Valknut, select all (CTRL+A) and ungroup (Shift+CTRL+G). Select the three inner triangles and scale them (Object - Transform -Scale) to 150%.
They will now be out of place.
Realigned Sets Using the Transform Window, select the bottom middle point of each corresponding large triangle. Place the bottom middle of the smaller triangle 1/4" above that point: same x, y+0.25. The bottom middle of the small blue triangle goes to x 2", y 0.75"; repeat process for red and green triangles.
Finished Open Valknut Erase extra lines to create the interleave. The blue Valknut triangle goes under the green triangle; the green triangle goes under the red triangle , the red triangle goes under the blue triangle. Use the Direct Selection tool to select the triangle you want to erase. The eraser tool is under the pencil. Select the triangle you want to work with and move them to the front (Shift+CTRL+]) to better see what you are doing.
Finished Closed Valknut Black Closed ValknutBlack Open ValknutSelect all; change the stroke color to black using the Color Window. Your finished Valknut should look like one of these:
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Open Bronze ValknutWinter ValknutEarth Toned Open Valknut