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February 24, 2008

Trinity Flame

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Flaming Trinity Knot/ CampfireThis design was something of an accident: I was trying to fit one open-centered Trinity Knot inside another. By the time I had the inner one scaled down to fit, the result looked very like a match flame or the flame on a gas stove. So I colored it using the colors of flame (cool orange heart, hot blue core, thin green border, warm yellow body, and cool orange border) and left it sitting on its base as a stylized campfire. The inner knot is actually 4/9ths the size of the outer knot, though it looks smaller. Not the effect I was looking for, but cool enough in its own right.


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Open Bronze ValknutEarth-Toned Open ValknutThis Valknut design was inspired by several hits on my website looking for Valknuts after I mentioned them in connection with Trinity Knots. The Valknut is an interesting knot: it can be formed from three triangles of metal (or paper) intertwined: the top one goes over the bottom, and the right goes over the top and under the bottom. It is associated with Odin and the religion of Asatru. Other names include Odin’s Knot and Knot of the Slain.

February 16, 2008

Trinity Knot Inside a Heart

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Green Trinity HeartBlue Trinity HeartThis design, though simple in the long run, took quite a bit of thought and experimentation to get right. Images on the Web were many and varied; no two seemed to have been constructed in the same way. Drawing a heart is simple enough, as is drawing a Trinity Knot: the trick was putting them together coherently.

First, draw the Trinity Knot. Next, construct the heart around it. Make circles the size of the inner and outer arcs of the knot, and line them up with the upper arcs of the knot. Make squares the same diameter as theRed Trinity HeartPurple Trinity Heart circles, rotate them 45 degrees, and line them up with the circles so they form a heart shape. Remove the extra interior lines, leaving hearts. The Trinity Knot is already lined up in your heart.

February 10, 2008

Tree of Life Labyrinth

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Tree of Life Labyrinth

One of the first designs I ever wanted to do was an original Tree of Life design. Unfortunately for me, I cannot draw. Really. But I can draft just about anything ;-) . So when the idea of using a labyrinth for the top of the Tree of Life came to me, two years of struggle was over in two days. This is my first draft of this design, created solely using vector art and filters. The labyrinth is an ancient design, with two entrances and one exit. Celebrants come together in the center of the tree, where the Mother and her lover meet, and leave together down the center. The design is surrounded by the Eternal Knot.
While I claim no copyright for the basic design, I do for this implementation of the design.

February 2, 2008

Trinity Knot

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Actually my very first CafePress design, this has gone through many versions, some of which I will no longer admit to having made :-) . This has proved to be one of my more popular designs, after several false starts. I love this design because it lends itself to many different interpretations and permutations.

Green Trinity KnotPewter Trinity KnotBlue Gold Trinity KnotTwo intertwined Trinity KnotsTrinity Knots inside a Trinity Knot

Instructions for drawing an open-centered Trinity Knot with an Annulet can be found here. While many people draw the knot resting on two legs, I prefer it standing on one. Other Trinity Knot designs are in the works.

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