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March 30, 2008


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When I first started doing graphic design, one of the first things I wanted to do was labyrinths. Original medieval-style labyrinths, not Chartres redone. Unfortunately, the only directions on how to draw labyrinths I could find were for the classical style. So I started trying to draw some anyway, but I kept getting stuck. I was thinking of labyrinths as a series of barriers. Once I started thinking of them as paths interrupted by barriers, everything started falling into place.

The first design I did was a classical path in a medieval style labyrinth. Since I was learning my graphic arts program at that time, it seemed the easiest. And I like the idea of combining two related but seperated traditions. The second design is a neo-Medieval design where the celebrant heads straight towards the goal, only to be deflected at the last moment, into a winding path that eventually reaches the center. (A good representation of how I feel many days.)

Both designs have several versions, including the base labyrinth design and one including the phrase “Life’s a Journey.” After all, isn’t that what labyrinths teach us?

Life's a Journey NeoMedieval Labyrinth

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