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August 16, 2008

Vote Designs

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Elections are once again upon us; Presidential elections at that. So I decided I had to put my two cents in. In view of all the very serious election designs out there, I decided to do a lighthearted “VOTE” design. So VOTE is constructed from a checkmark, a smiley face, two pencils, and five ballot cards. This lead to an “If you didn’t VOTE, don’t complain”  design using the VOTE design as a base. Then there’s the token serious “No Vote, No Voice” design.

I do feel strongly that democracy only works if people vote, and that this country has been headed in the wrong direction, but being heavy-handed about it won’t win any converts. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.)

August 6, 2008

Shop News

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New products on CafePress: Ceramic Travel Mugs, Bigger and Better Wall Clocks, 2009 Wall Calendars.

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